We are confident that our services and solutions will effetively address your needs. Our goal is to provide highly scalable, reliable and cost-effective solutions with great emphasis on intelligent IT solutions. Our Clients enjoy:

  • Provision of Managed IT Service: Our emphasis is on Big Data and Cloud Computing, and Outsourced Services.

  • Effective and effecient software solution: We don't just develop applications or software programs but we are focused on lasted trends.
  • Secure and Protected IT environment: To us security is not just a lock, but intelligent Security Systems. Cyber Security is one of our biggest specialities.
  • Comprehensive researched advice and solutions: Our Research and Development department works with the Top Universities in the World; researching technology solutions that are meant to transform the world. We further perform research for companies and governments.
  • World class business consultancy: We work in association with top and international consultants in a wide spectrum businesses.

Our unique ability to research, advice, desing and develop makes us an enviable partner in any business environment. We look forward to forming a mutually rewarding relationship with you.

Why Choose Cloudhub (PTY) Ltd?

When comparing our capabilities to that of competitiors, the benefits of choosing Cloud hub (PTY) Ltd are:

  • Professionalism is more than what you get.
  • Consultants with vast and enormous experience on assignments.
  • Association with renowned international organizations.
  • Ensured lasted trends in Technology.

Competitive Advantages

The following are competitive advantages that differentiate Cloud hub (PTY) Ltd from other providers:

  • Expertise & Stability

          Highly knowledgeable workforce: Cloud hub (PTY) Ltd employees' are qualified engineers and consultants, who have worked both at local and international companies.

  • Technology

           Latest trends in technology used by Cloud hub.

  • Development

           Our developers have expertise and experiences on award winning producs.

  • Customer service

           To us the customer is more than just a King; but Godly.